Unveiling The Best Hotel Experience: A Stay In An Economy Hotel In Mahipalpur

Travelling is an element of the life. Sometimes, you travel to become part of someone’s celebrations, to attend business meetings while sometimes you just need to get away to blow off some steam. Every time you travel, there is a new experience to share, a new story to tell. Like this recent travel trip to Mahipalpur where I decided to put up my luggage and myself in a hotel near IGI airport, called Hotel Ark of Avalon. While some of my friends were doubtful of my decision to staying away from the glittery ambience of a five star hotel, it were online recommendations that persuaded my decision to stay at this economy hotel in Mahipalpur.

Previous travellers and visitors who shared their hotel experience online were not delusional after all, to my relief. The hotel interiors were embellished with finest quality wood panels, crystal clear floorings, human scale lobby and pleasant decor. The best part of the hotel was the ever ready, smiling, polite and diligent hotel service staff. What can more can you ask for, right? But this was just the starting, there were lot more pleasant experiences awaiting.

The room that I booked was nothing similar to an ordinary hotel accommodation. Unlike those closed and decorated concrete box, the room had a well cross ventilated design that allowed warm morning breeze to swim across. It was not the artificial freshness of packed fragrances, but the fresh flowers and the sunny morning filling my heart with its richness. You could just sit back in that room whole day and enjoyed the warmth of the day, just like I did. The complimentary welcome basket the staff has left in the room has assorted cookies and fresh exotic fruits - just like they promised at the time of the booking.

These small details may not starred in a top rated hotel review blogs but from a customer experience point of view, these are way more detrimental. An economy hotel in Mahipalpur is rated and reviewed from the real comfort it proffers to the visitors and travellers instead of 5 star luxuries like meal served in finest china ware, which are part of the hotels that charge big bills that definitely not fall under the economy category.